about me

I am an 18 year old artist who's artistic passion has been fueled since a young age from my love of the outdoors, animals and all of Earth's natural beauties. Visiting a cottage on Torch Lake every summer, the striking blues, sweeping peninsulas, and clear skies of up north Michigan especially call to me, and I try to capture the freedom and tranquility that I find outdoors in the loose and flowing qualities of my fiber arts. I experiment in other mediums such as charcoal, oil paints, and screen-printing, and also love throwing pottery on the wheel. 

I live in East Grand Rapids, MI, and have taken art classes all throughout elementary, middle, and high school. I have pursued different art mediums at nearby Kendall College every summer through week-long art camps, and also attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in summer 2015. I am also an award winner of the Sooper Yooper art contest, an event centered around environmental issues in Michigan and hosted by the GRAM. Since 2017, my mom and I have sold our respective artwork at the Elk Rapids and Leland Art Fairs in Northern Michigan in May and July. In 2018 and 2019, my artwork was exhibited at the Festival Regional Arts Exhibition at Kendall College in Grand Rapids, MI. This year, I entered into the 2020 MI Scholastic Art Competition and won a Gold Key for my Art Portfolio and two Silver Keys for Individual Works.

Different art classes have taught me that for some pieces, the art isn't necessarily about the final product, but learning about the subject that's being created. This comes from the layering of different techniques and steps to get to the final product. I find this to be true in all of the mediums I work with, whether it be the overlapping of paint on a canvas, darks and lights of a subtractive charcoal drawing, or the colorful layering of different wools in my fiber pieces  I have found that my artwork has helped me learn more about the world around me, and hope that it does the same for others who view my work too.